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2000 Ford Transit Millennium

Reader Question: My 2000 Ford Transit Millennium’s alternator charge light stays on continuously. I have done the obvious check fan belt all connections terminals changed alternator.

Symptoms: light dims on switchover under power light come on reverse up light stays on.

Please can you help?


Hi Chris,

I am not familiar with this model, but never the less I would check the following.

1. Load test the battery – a bad cell in the battery can cause this problem.

2. Check the alternator output – how much electricity is the alternator putting out at the alternator plug? How much is making it to the battery? If there is a big drop, you have a connection or a wiring or ground issue.

3. Test voltage regulator – which I am assuming is inside the alternator.

4. Test dash gauge for accuracy – since you did not mention anything about a dead battery or having to charge the battery…could this be a gauge problem?

Austin Davis

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