I am Having Trouble With The Transmission and ABS System On My 2000 Ford Explorer

Reader Question I bought a used 2000 Ford Expedition in the beginning of March of 2006. I recently learned that there is a problem w/ the ABS sys and the Kings Auto mall Ford dealer is stating that to repair this issue I will need to get the HCU and ECU replaced.

He also checked for transmission problems and indicated that there is a severe problem with the transmission also. and only indicated that the problem was severe enough that he would have to take the trans apart to figure out what the problem was. When I got the car it came with an extended warranty, but they are trying to say the problem is pre-exiting, but I can’t tell when the problem began to happen.

All I know is about a week after I drove it of the lot I called the dealer and he said I would be best to take it to a dealership to have them look at it, and they have them contact the warranty people, but it seems like the warranty people called me for explanation of what the problem was with the trans (As if I would know??) I am really stuck here and in desperate need of some help and answers. Can you help me?

Hi there….

I would DEFINITLY get a second opinion from another Ford dealer in your area or an independent repair shop if you have one you know and trust. At least get a second diagnosis of each problem.

I would be HIGHLY suspicious of this vehicle if there truly is a transmission and an ABS problem only one week after your purchase…sounds fishy to me. BUT, most of the used cars on a new car dealer lot are not checked out before they resell them…they just put them on the lot and see what happens from there.

There could be a common problem; sometimes a problem in the ABS system can cause problems in other areas as well..like the transmission??? I have seen a faulty vehicle speed sensor affect the ABS light, check engine light, cause erratic transmission shifting and engine stalling…just from one faulty sensor.

Not that this is what is happening in your situation, but I want you to be aware of the fact that one problem can cause other problems.

If you did not experience these problems during the first week of your ownership, then you probably did not have an existing problem…as least as far as your extended warranty is concerned.

You buy an extended warranty to protect you from any future breakdowns from the day you sign on the dotted line and take control of the vehicle. The dealer should be able to vouch for you (to the extended warranty company) that the vehicle was not “broken” when you purchased it..correct? Get the dealer to call your warranty company and tell them that.

As far as a potential “vehicle lemon”, you will need to talk to an attorney about that, that is out of my league.

Keep me posted as to what happens please, your reply might be able to assist someone else one day.


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