2000 Dodge Neon – Brake Pedal Got Real Hard To Press Down

Reader Question Hello Austin,

I spent quite a while looking through your site trying to find a posting from anyone dealing with my issue. I was unlucky 🙁

I am hoping you can assist.

Heres the problem.

While driving home the brakes just gave out… (When pressing the brake it would not depress to the floor). I had to press extremely hard in order for the brakes to catch but still the pedal did not depress.

Also the engine started Idling in strange a rhytmic hum. Once parked i looked under the hood and the first thing i noticed was the engine moving noticibly with the hum it was making.

There are about 70k miles on it. Mostly highway miles. Oil was just changed and a tune up done approx 2 months ago.

I am not even sure where to start. My first assumtion is that there’s more than one problem… Maybe the MAster Cylinder? Bnrake line contamination? But i have no idea why the engine is idling this way…

Any help would be great. Or if youknow a thread that speaks to this, please let me know… THANKS!!!


Hi Mj,</b sounds like you might have a faulty power brake booster or there is a problem with the vacuum circuit going to the brake booster

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