Dodge Neon – Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough

Reader Question: Hi,

I have a question about my car 2000 Dodge Neon AC. I just had a major AC repair. The evaporator and compressor were fixed.

My question is, when I stop in traffic of park, my AC almost stops cooling, and everything from smoke smell or whatever smells outside comes in. When I am driving without AC (shut off), air keeps coming out of the vents, like there is some hole in the car.

Please Help.


Hi Carol,

There might be a problem with the evaporator installation. There is ductwork in the evaporator case that switches between FRESH air and Recirculation inside air.

The fresh air setting will not produce cold enough air at idle since the compressor has to cool off hot outside air? The ductwork could have been broken or not sealed off correctly so you are letting outside air inside the vehicle.

I would also make sure they did not change your dash control settings from MAX or recirculation to FRESH air. There should be a dash setting to switch between the two, set it to MAX or recirculate.

Austin Davis

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