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2000 Chevrolet Malibu – How to Locate the Fuel Filter

Reader Question My 2000 Chevy Malibu car turned off on us and it does not start. I have a full tank of gas, it sounds like it wants to crank over so the battery appears fine. I believe it is either the fuel filter or fuel pump. How can I tell the difference? I cannot locate the fuel filter on this car. I looked underneath the chassis but I cannot locate it. Do you have a picture of where it is located?

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Hey David,

If the engine will not start, that is because it is missing one of the key ingredients…fuel, spark, and compression. Since the battery is charged and the engine is turning over, you probably DO have compression, so you need to hone in on the spark or fuel category.

A clogged fuel filter will not keep the engine from starting, so I DOUBT seriously that is the issue. You can get someone to bang on the bottom of the fuel tank with their fist or with a rubber hammer AS you crank the engine over, this can help jump start a weak fuel pump. You should hear the electric fuel pump inside the tank whine for 2 seconds when you turn the key to the ON position.

If you still have problems…check for spark at the spark plugs, but that is not as easy to do and could require a mechanic to do a diagnostic test. A crankshaft position sensor is something that controls spark and could be suspect if there is no spark to the spark plugs.

I am sorry, I do not have a picture of the fuel filter…most GM filters are on the driver side under the vehicle under the passenger seating area.

Not a 100% on your model, but you can start at the tank and follow the fuel lines leading to the engine. But again, replacing the filter is going to be a waste of time and money.

Austin Davis

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