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2000 Buick Century

Reader Question: Hello,

I have a 2000 Buick Century that is acting funny. When I first start car I am able to drive reverse whichever gear I need.

Once I drive for a while and stop at a light or something it does not want to go in gear car is still running but will not catch any gear. So, I turn car off and restart and I am able to go until I stop again. When on highway it shutters at around 50 mph I have changed transmission fluid it was like a black color once I did that it ran fine for about 2 weeks and it started again.

Can you please help determine what my problem is?

Thank you!


Hi Susan,

It sounds like you need to visit your local transmission repair shop. I think an overhaul is needed. I would assume the clutches inside the transmission are worn-out and the transmission will need to come out of the vehicle and be overhauled.

This is going to be costly, so make sure you shop around and get detailed quotes from shops you feel comfortable dealing with.

You might find this article helpful in selecting a transmission repair shop:

How to Select a Transmission Repair Shop

Austin Davis

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