2000 BMW Z3 Auto Mechanic Recommendation?

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I have decided to keep my 2000 BMW Z3 for a while longer. It has less than 40K miles but there are a few minor problems that need attention. Can you recommend a BMW mechanic in the SW Houston or Fort Bend TX area?

Hey there Doyle

I really don’t know of a BMW mechanic…anywhere in the city of Houston. Personally I would go to a dealership if I owned this car. Even items that seem like they should be super simple for anyone to perform can turn into a fiasco and usually end up costing more money and frustration than going to the dealership to begin with.

They are a special breed, and usually require special tools and knowledge to repair them. The dealership labor rates might seem high…but trust me correcting someone else’s screw up because they did not know what they were doing usually costs more!

When someone drives up to my shop in a BMW or Mercedes we run out to their car and give them $50 and tell them not to bring their car to us! This actually SAVES us money and frustration.

Even something as simple as replacing the battery can wipe the radio security memory code…and if the driver does not remember the code (which most don’t) it will cost $50 to get the radio reprogrammed at the dealership…..trust me, we know! BTW do you know where the battery is located on this car….most non BMW mechanics would not.

Austin Davis

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