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1999 Volvo S70

Reader Question: My 1999 Volvo S70 got new brake pads about 4 months ago and have been squealing ever since. I just had the tie rod fixed and new spring clips put on.

I took my car home and as I was driving, it took me pushing on the brakes until it almost reached the floor to get any slower. I called them back and they said that was due to the brake pads not being Volvo brand brake pads from 4 months ago.

However, before I took it in for the tie rod it was a noisy brake but worked fine. Now I feel unsafe because it takes me pushing the brake all the way in for me to slow down. Is it true that it is the brake pads or did they do something to them?



Hey Kasey,

Non-Volvo brake pads could very well be the culprit for the squeaky brake noise…but probably not the latest problem. Did you take the car back to the mechanic who replaced the tie rod and have them take a drive with you?

Check the brake fluid level inside the reservoir to make sure you have enough fluid to operate the brakes. If the fluid is full…I would remove the wheels and inspect the brakes again and see what is happening. If the fluid is very low, you have a leak and I would again remove the wheels and inspect the brakes for wear and the brake fluid leak.

You might ask the tie rod mechanic if they removed the front wheels or did anything to the brake system during their repair. If they did, I would assume they did something that has hampered your brake performance.

Here is more info on the brake noise problem you originally had/have.

Brake Noise Problem

Austin Davis

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