1998 Volvo 740 GLS Emergency Brake Problem

Reader Question: I have a 1998 Volvo 740 GLS. The hand brake is not holding the car on slopes too well. I took it to a brake shop. They took off the back wheels but could not find what they called adjusting pin or screw.

My question: How do you adjust the hand brake so it holds the car firmly on hills? Are they looking on the wrong area for adjustment?

Thank you.


Hey Alberto,

It sounds like you need to find a mechanic who is familiar with Volvo. We do not work on them all that often in my shop as well, so I do not really recall exactly where the adjustment is.

I would look at the hand brake lever inside the vehicle, sometimes the adjustment is on the lever itself. The adjustment for the hand brake might also rely on the thickness of the rear brake material as well.

Therefore, if the rear brake material is thin, you might have to replace the rear brakes to improve the hand brake function.

Austin Davis

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