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1999 Saturn S Series

Reader Question: Hi Austin,

I have a 1999 Saturn S series automatic. My problem is that I have engine oil in my radiator, my plugs are fine no water in the oil pan or Trans. Do you have any ideas?

I am still searching online for any answers.

Thank you for your time.


Hey Andrew,

What I would do first is get a cooling system pressure test done by your local mechanic to determine if in deed you really do have an internal coolant leak like a leaking head gasket. Usually you see the opposite, coolant mixed with the engine oil due to a blown head gasket or internal engine crack.

You did not mention anything about white smoke out the tailpipe or engine overheating which I would suspect if you really did have an internal coolant leak.

I have seen oil drops inside a radiator floating on top of the coolant and the engine did not have any signs of a coolant leak and the vehicle went on to life a good life. We did however flush the cooling system with new coolant.

So, if your coolant test comes back clean….flush the radiator with new coolant and a new thermostat and radiator cap and monitor the situation.

If by some chance they do determine you have an internal coolant leak you might want to try the over the counter additive K&W Block sealer like I talk about here.

Engine Block Sealer Additive Tips

Austin Davis

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