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1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTS Air Conditioner Problem

Reader Question Ok well I just bought a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTS and it came with Dual AC. Well when I turn the AC on the passenger side blows ice cold and the driver side blows warm if not hot. So I switch the heater on and it just reverses sides.

No matter what I do with the settings it blows hot or cold on either side. When i bought the car the dealer said they had the AC fixed right before i bought it. Could a wire be crossed or something? A little help.

Hey there

Hummmm interesting, this is a new one on me….BUT what I am going to say I think is happening is there is a problem with the driver side air control motor. There is a small motor in the dash on the driver and passenger side that either closes hot air from the heater or opens cold air from the ac evaporator. I would bet your driver side motor is not working and is stuck in the in between mode so you are getting a mix of both hot and cold air all the time.

What will it take to fix it? Man….this is going to take a good ac mechanic and a wiring diagram to prove my theory. If I am correct, the dash will come out to a certain extent and the motor will have to be replaced. I have not do this particular job before, but I would guess labor to be about 6 hours (times your local labor rate) plus the part.

I would go back to the dealer and get them to fix this for you…..or at least have them do the labor for free if you buy the part.

Keep me posted as to what you find out will ya?
Austin Davis

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  1. Cameron says:

    I have the same problem with my 1999 Grand Prix. The right vent of the center three is cold along with the passenger side vent. The left two of the center and the driver side vent blow coldish, at best. Sounds expensive to fix…awesome.

  2. Susan Marie says:

    You’re not alone. I’m having the same problem, but it’s reversed. My driver’s side is fine, but the passenger side blows the opposite. I paid the dealer to fix it, but it was temporary. Now the dealership is closed. I had the entire a/c replaced last summer (for different reasons) only to have the problem recur the first time I used my a/c this week. I’ll let you know if I find out anything about the solution. : )

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