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1999 Plymouth Voyager Minivan

Reader Question: Hi,

Actually, I have 1999 Plymouth Voyager Minivan. And My question is that these days, as the temp is dipped bellow -15 when I start my car in the morning for warm up everything go normal but after 3-4 minutes the light on dash board that SERVICE ENGINE SOON lit in the yellow color.

I have noted that it lit only when the environment temperature is too low like mentioned above when the temperature is slightly high like near -2 to -8 then this problem does not come. The yellow light, which lit in the morning, go itself after variable times in hours.

What is your sincere advice that I should pay a visit to car mechanic?



Hey there A.P,

I am afraid I will need to get more information about from your onboard computer to really be of much help. That check engine light is YELLOW in color meaning, get this looked at but it the problem is not something that will do more harm to the engine like if a RED light for low oil pressure or engine overheating was taking place.

There are a few engine sensors that could be affected by outside air temperature, but which ones and why is something the mechanic and the data they retrieve from your computer will have to look into. If you can get the code information and talk to the mechanic about the problem, I might be able to assist you once you get more information.

Here is some information about check engine lights, if you have not already read this on my site.

How to Check Engine Lights

Austin Davis

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