1999 Plymouth Voyager Gas Smell

Reader Question: Good Morning,

Once again, I am thinking that you are the best adviser to advise me in regards to my 1999 Plymouth Voyager.

Actually, after the drive I can feel oily (gas) smell close to my van sometimes I can feel it inside the van too.

What does it indicate?

I will appreciate your response.



Hey Akshey,

I wonder if your heater core is leaking antifreeze inside the vehicle. Usually you can lift back the carpets on the passenger side up under the dashboard area (like where the passenger feet would rest fully extended) and feel wetness on the carpet.

If the carpet is oily or wet, your heater core is leaking and it needs to be replaced or “by passed” to stop the coolant leak. Sometimes the windows will fog up inside the car as well due to this leak.

The sweet smell is from the antifreeze fumes coming out of the vents. Turn your heater on full blast and see if the smell gets worse or you can see a physical drip of coolant on the passenger floor.

Here is more about heater core leaks:

Heater Not Hot

Austin Davis

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