The Lights Dim In my 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue – Why Does This Happen?

Reader Question I have a 99 Oldsmobile Intrigue, V6, 3.5L.

Since I got it I noticed the headlights/interior lights dim in cold weather and when I accelerate and it seems like it does it when the air is turned all the way up too.

Is there anything you know of that I’d be able to replace to fix this?


I am not aware of any inherent problems with this vehicle, but I think I would first start with an electrical test:

1. Load test the battery and make sure it is good and strong

2. Check the alternator output, to see if it is producing enough electrical supply to meet this added demand

3. Check the voltage regulator – which is inside the alternator

I would assume the added demand on the battery that the headlights and blower fan are causing on the battery is not being met by the output of the alternator.

Let me know what you find,

Austin C. Davis

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