1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue A/C Control Not Working – No Lights

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I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue GL. For the past year I have been having problems with the air,heater control. When it is cold outside there is not power going to the control (control is black).

Once the interior of the car heats up a bit it starts working unless i am using the AC and when it
gets cold there is either no control or it does not turn on at all. At the same time that this is going on, the cruse control will not work.

When I have full control of the heater/AC unit then the cruse works. I tried changing the BCM but the dealer said that there is no control from that unit to the heater. My mechanic has no idea and is stumped. Any ideas would help.

Howdy There Ron,

I am afraid you got me stumped as well. I really need to be there and run some tests myself to see what is happening or not happening. I don’t know of a specific issue with the Intrigue, but I really don’t see many of them in my shop either, so I am not that familiar with any inherent issues they might have.

You should post this question to my online forum board, hopefully there is someone out there who has experienced this issue and knows what the fix is.

Here is the link, it’s free.
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Austin Davis

Reader Update

Hi Austin

Just thought that I would give you an update. The ignition switch was the problem. It controls the cruise control and the A/C Heater blower motor. Just in case other people have the same problem. There is a circuit that controls both these things.

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