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1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

Reader Question: Hello,

Thank you for your time!

I just bought a 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada. I am having a few problems. I am a mother of three and on a fixed income so this is really bothering me!

My warning light service AWD is coming on and when I am driving down the road I am hearing a clinking sound. The sound seems like its coming from underneath.

It is driving fine but I am afraid of getting messed over by the dealership that will have to fix this.

Thank you very much,

A Worried Car Owner

Hey there,

I am not very familiar with this vehicle and its AWD system to be honest. I have seen only a handful. That in my shop over the years and nothing much more than routine brake and maintenance work.

I would have a transmission shop or a 4X4 shop in your area take a test drive with you and see if they can help you determine what is going on. I really would not recommend you continue to drive it in this condition with the noise issue happening, you are likely to do more damage which will only cost more money to repair.

Austin Davis

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  1. lovely1 says:

    Awe yea it a 99 oldsmobile bravada

  2. lovely1 says:

    My truck was stolen and when found my battery was snatched out. I tried hook up another batter but it started sparking what is is thts sparking everything else under the hood looks fine what should I do by monday bc I have to work that’s not real expensive

    • Austin says:

      Something could be in the ON position. If it’s just a Amal spark and it stops when you make final contact and tighten the cable it’s probably normal. If it continues to spark once fully connected you got a short somewhere and will have to track it down

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