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1999 Oldsmobile Alero Fuel Gauge

Reader Question: Hi,

I been having some fun with my new purchase 1999 Oldsmobile Alero for the second time we disconnected the battery to clean terminals, and the fuel gauge spun counterclockwise, is stuck against the full pin, and will not reset.

I have read about this on a couple of web sites with no fix offered. Have you ever heard about or ran into this problem? Reset it last time by taking out the instrument cluster and manually placing the needle on the correct side of pin. This worked until we disconnected battery again.

Thanks for your help.


Hey Blaine,

I too have heard about the complaint….but do not know what the fix is. Actually, I heard that it was a recall/warranty issue from GM but I personally have not followed up with it.

Call the GM dealership service department and give them your VIN code and ask them if there is warranty on the issue or has there been a TSB, Technical Service Bulletin describing the repair…if there is they SHOULD tell you how to fix it. It is worth a phone call.

Austin Davis

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