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1999 Jeep Cherokee Front End Noise and Vibration

Reader Question

Hello Austin,
I was reading on your site about a fellow who was experiencing a problem with his 1999 Jeep Cherokee. Here is the link to the thread.. Noise and vibration with my Jeep Cherokee

I am experiencing the same problem (all the way down to the speed at which he experiences the noise – 65-70 mph). I wanted to follow up to see if he ever got back in touch with you to let you know how/if he resolved the problem.

Your information was thorough and informative and I’m hoping he took a moment to let you know the outcome (and that you’d be willing to share that with me).

P.S. I replaced the two front tires and had a “factory” alignment of all 4 tires. I also had the lubricant changed in the front and rear differential and transfer case. I’m still getting the sound (although it’s perhaps somewhat less than before).

Thanks in advance,

Howdy J.

If the noise changed…or you think it changed, I would switch the new front tires to the rear of the vehicle and see if things are worse or better…or stay the same. I am still going on my hunch that this is a tire tread noise issue. Keep me posted.

Austin Davis

Reader Follow up

Hi Austin,

I wanted to follow up with you regarding the problem I was experiencing with my Jeep (see the thread above). After much frustration, I took the vehicle back to the original mechanic who replaced the front left wheel bearing. He looked at it and thought something might be wrong with the bearing in the front differential and recommended another mechanic who specializes in these issues.

Brought the car to the new mechanic and got a call from him a few hours later. He replaced the front right wheel bearing and the car rides perfectly silent now!!! Apparently the sound/vibration from a bad bearing on that side travels right through the shaft and can deceivingly sound like it’s coming from the differential. So it rides fantastic now and for only $225 to replace the bearing!

I thought you would find it interesting and perhaps helpful for anyone in the future.
Thanks again for all your help,

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  1. chris says:

    still quite high…I did a 98 jeep cherokee, new hubs both sides upper and lower ball joints both sides…and a u-joint on the left…no kidding, to do all of that took me about an hour per side and although I do have a shop with some tools I am not a mechanic. the hubs (which include wheel bearings) cost 36 dollars each. so for all 4 ball joints, 2 hubs, and the u-joint I paid right around 280.00 to replace it all on my own. yeah BTW I did have a dealership estimate. 1300 some dollars. I did it all myself…then took it in for a 50 dollar alignment or so, saved a ton, always cheaper to do it yourself if u have the means and know how. but all the same. the 225 fixed his problem, thats what counts.

  2. Dennis says:

    JT Money…mechanics aren’t charities. Not everyone is willing or able to do their own work. I don’t think $225.00 is too bad for the part and a couple of hours labor.

  3. U Got Ripped says:

    You got ripped. Go to autozone next time and buy the 20-30 dollar part and put it in yourself.

  4. JT Money says:

    $225 ???? lol you could have done it yourself, for less that half of what you over paid at that mechanic…jeeps are easy enough to work on lol

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