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1999 Ford Explorer

Reader Question: I have a Ford Explorer, which started missing and losing water. It is not in my oil and there are no links that my car has started smoking white.

I put a piece of paper on the tailpipe to see what was coming out of it and it sucked the paper to the tailpipe.

Is this my motor?



Hey Polly,

If you have white smoke out the tailpipe, an engine that is running bad, and misfiring and the engine is overheating or running hotter than normal you probably have a blown head gasket.

Check, to see if the coolant level inside the radiator is constantly low, if it is and you do not have an external leak. You probably have an internal coolant leak.

The next step is to get a cooling system pressure test from a reliable mechanic to check for a head gasket problem.

If you do have a head gasket leak, you might want to try this over the counter sealer additive that I recommend here.

Engine Block Sealer Additive Tips

Austin Davis

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