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1999 Dodge Caravan

Reader Question: Hello,

This morning the right rear wheel to my 1999 Dodge Caravan will not turn, it is locked in place. It was -25 this morning here in North Dakota (but it has been much colder than that without a problem). The parking brake is never used.

The van runs fine but is dragging the rear tire, as it is not turning (Front wheel drive).

Have you ever heard of this?

Thank you,


Hey Frank,

Since this is a front wheel drive vehicle, I can only assume you have a brake or emergency brake problem. You might want to work the emergency brake pedal 10-15 times, fully applying then releasing.

It would be great if you could crawl under the vehicle and spray some WD40 on the emergency brake cable to that wheel AS someone works the pedal inside the vehicle.

You also might want to try to reverse the vehicle to break loose what ever it is that is stuck. If you still have trouble, you will need to remove the tire and wheel and see what the problem is.

Austin Davis

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