1999 Chevrolet Blazer – Turn Signal Clicking Noise

Reader Question: Hello there,

I have a nuisance problem with my 1999 Chevrolet Blazer (Trailblazer) that I just bought. It is 4Dr, 4WD, auto. I got it for cheap and had hoped this would be an easy solve.

There is a mostly constant clicking noise as if the turn signal is blinking (noise comes from under the black panel at the bottom of the dash on the right hand side near the center console on the floor. I gather the flasher relay is there.

When I hit the brakes, “signaling noise” stops. From what I have seen around the Internet, folks say that is the actual turn signal switch causing the problem – the signal/cruise/wiper handle and wiring/socket that goes with it. That is a $102-149 part, ow. I also own a 1997 Chevrolet Blazer, but it does not appear to be the same part to be able to rob it (per AutoZone.com and visual inspection).

I am wondering – does this sound correct? How, as a layman (girl who knows a little but fears tearing apart my dash like that) can I figure out if that switch is indeed the problem before going to spend that kind of money?

I have also read that you can tear out this part and clean the contacts.

Is this a recommended alternate route?

This is where I am seeing this information.

Is this something you would recommend?

I have also considered purchasing this part and taking it to a shop to have it installed. How much time in labor would be expected to complete this task?

I am sorry for the questions, trying to be thorough as not to bother you later.

Thank you for your time!


Hi Barbara,

I must be out of the loop on this one, as this is the first time I have heard of this complaint. The turn signal switch does sound like a possible culprit though.

I would have your mechanic get under the dash and locate the noise first, it if is from the signal flasher he can remove it and test the circuit to see if there is a signal coming from the turn signal switch.

This is probably a dealer only part, so you might want to call your local GM dealer parts department and ask them to see if the part is interchangeable from your 1997 Blazer or not, AutoZone is not a good source for that information.

You can buy the part from the dealership, or maybe a used one from the junk yard and have your mechanic install it for you. I would guess labor charges to be about $150-200 depending on labor rates in your area.

However, before you buy a used part though, ask the dealership parts guys if there have been any updates to the switch to correct this issue. You do not want to buy a used one that does the exact same thing.

I do not think I would attempt to have the contacts cleaned on your old part just because of the labor charges and time involved. If cleaning the contacts does not produce a long-term fix, you will have to pay the labor charges again to replace the part.

Austin Davis

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  1. george says:

    i have a 2000 blazer and the same problem just started today. would like to know how it went for you? i was thinking of tearing the steering wheel apart since i saw smoke come out of it just as the clicking started. and yes the clicking sound that you hear is from the turn signal. every that ride with me always hear the click and ask what if its the turn signal. why they put it on the passenger side i dont know.

    • Austin says:

      I never heard back from that person, but can only assume they removed the steering wheel and replaced either the horn contact or the turn signal switch. I have not heard of anything particular on these vehicles….maybe someone can chime in here to help out if they have had this problem.

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