1999 Buick Park Avenue Has a Metal to Metal Sound Under the Hood

Reader Question My 99 Park Avenue has a loud noise (metal on metal) in the front right by the belts. The noise stops when the Auto temperature is turned on. Almost like something is out of balance and the belt pulls it into place. Any ideas what to begin with? Water Pump – no leaks or Alternator – still charging?

Not sure what to check.
Thanks for your time.


The “Auto temperature” is for the A/C? Try turning the a/c on and off….does the noise go away when you turn the a/c off? If so, you probably have a problem in the a/c compressor.

Things that are driven by the belt that you should inspect

1. Water pump

2. Power steering pump

3. A/c compressor

4. Alternator

Belt tensioner pulley

Noises tend to “travel” and can be hard to identify with the belt installed, I sometimes will remove the belt and spin each item by hand to find the culprit, or take a VERY long screwdriver and use it as a stethoscope on each item listed above with the engine running to pin point the problem.


Austin C. Davis

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