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1998 Toyota Corolla

Reader Question: Austin,

My 1998 Toyota Corolla car stalled on Sunday with zero degree weather and would not start. However, it eventually started. I had my car towed to Toyota dealership and they indicated I have a blown engine.

My car is 1998 Toyota Corolla I purchased it brand new never having any major problem it. Can you tell me symptoms of a blown engine or if I should obtain a second opinion?

The dealership wants to charge me US$3,400 to replace the engine. It just seems so crazy.


Hi There Audrey,

Yuk, a blown engine! Symptoms of a blown engine would be – engine makes a terrible noise when running, engine will not start and makes noises as it tries to start, heavy exhaust smoke out the tailpipe when running.

If the engine overheated or ran out of oil and you continued to drive in this condition or if the timing belt broke while you were driving, I would expect serious internal damage.

The price they quoted is probably fair for a dealership installed rebuilt motor. You can probably find a good used motor from a junk yard with low miles and have your regular mechanic install it for you.

I would guess the motor would cost you about US$650 and labor and extra items would cost about US$1,000. There is a risk because this is a used engine, but some junk yard offer an extended warranty for an additional charge. Might be a good option for you. I install many used Japanese engines with no problems. Knock on wood.

Here is more about it.

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Austin Davis

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