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1998 Pontiac Grand Am Recurring Brake Rotors Warp

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I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am SE with the 2.4L engine. I have replaced my brake rotors 3 or 4 times now and they start warping after about a month (2000 miles).

The set that was on the car lasted for about 6 months and now they don’t seen to last. The rotors that I have put on are Bendix. I have a torque wrench and have been torqueing the wheels to 100 foot pounds (steel wheels) and it keeps happening.

When I first got the car I rotated the tires and the brakes were fine for about 6 months, they seemed to go bad after I did a brake inspection at school (the wheels were torqued there too) and since then they have been a problem. I drive almost all highway miles (100 miles a day) so I am not sure why this is happening.

Any ideas of what I can check? Or maybe have checked?



Hi there Scott,

Brake rotors warp because of excess heat that is placed on them that causes expansion then the rotor comes in contact with water that is on the road…which causes contraction. This expansion and contraction is what warps the rotor. I would rule out the possibility that the front brake calipers are too tight causing the brake pads to drag on the rotor as you drive.

I would also replace the brake pads with pads that have a vent or grove cut in them so the heat caused by normal braking can escape between the pads and the rotor surface. You can cut your own grove in the pad if you can not find any with groves already in them. You should also make sure you are using a vented rotor, if not see if you can buy vented rotors.

They will be made of two pieces of metal with a space/vent where the two pieces of metal meet….this will remove heat as well. Some high performance rotors will have holes in the rotor surface to remove more heat and improve braking.


Austin Davis

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