1998 Jeep Wrangler Dies While Driving – What Causes This to Happen?

Reader Question Austin,
Mind telling me what could be wrong with my Wrangler
Jeep 1998 model. It keeps quenching/dying while on motion
and my mechanics here in Nigeria have tried in vain
and even now, my carburetor is messed up?
It also does hard starting after it quench/dies, restart
and can quench again without notice.
Thank you.

Hello Kay from Nigeria

Your Jeep has a carburetor? In the US they are all
fuel injected. I would start with checking the obvious,

1. Does it loose spark – check distributor cap,
ignition rotor, spark plugs and wires

2. Is it getting fuel – fuel pump working ok –
sending ENOUGH fuel to the engine – is the fuel filter dirty?

3. Any vacuum leaks? – can you see or hear any
hissing noises from a vacuum leak under the hood? Check vacuum hoses and connectors and make sure you don’t hear a hissing noise.

Let me know what you find out.

Austin Davis

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