1998 Isuzu Amigo – Engine Dies at Idle

Reader Question: I have a 1998 Isuzu Amigo. It has 4WD (that I never use) it is a V6. I do not know much about cars at all to be honest, so it is very easy for me to get worked over when going to a mechanic.

My car is acting a little funny. I have no idea what is wrong. It sounds like it jumps when it is idling.

When I start it, sometimes it will just die. It has also died on me when I go into reverse if I do not keep my foot on the gas.

I have never had any problems like this before, so I am at a complete confusion state.

Your help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks Again,


Yo Amanda,

I just answered another e-mail similar to your complaint. It sounds like you have the same issue going on.

Here is the e-mail I sent them.

Most erratic idle, slower and extended starting, and dying at idle or slow speeds complaints are usually caused by a dirty throttle body and idle control motor. You can have your mechanic, or even a fast lube place clean both items for you inexpensively and quickly.

This service should be part of your regular routine maintenance program anyway regardless of it correcting this specific problem or not.

Here is a little more on the subject:

Car Stalls At Slow Speeds and At A Stop Light – Why Is This Happening?

Austin Davis

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