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1998 Grand Prix – AC Blower Problem

Reader Question Hello,

My 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix has a problem. When we last were in the car the AC blower wasn’t working on speed 5, then all of a sudden it started working on 5 and won’t shut off (even when the car is turned off). Really a bummer, this is Saturday and no place to go. Only solution I know of is to undo the battery as pulled a number of fuses and could not find the right one.

It is snowing today and difficult to mess with going under the hood at every stop to disconnect the battery.

Any suggestions? Can this be fixed without to a garage or car electrical specialist? I am looking for a quick fix if possible.


Hey Doug,

That type of problem is usually due to a faulty blower control module.

I am not very familiar with your exact model, but I would call the dealership parts department and ask those guys if your car does indeed have a blower control module? Have they had problems like you have with them, and can they provide you with a diagram of its location so you can replace it yourself IF you buy the part from them.

Most dealership parts guys will help you like this if they know you will buy the part from them.

Austin Davis

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