The Fan Belt Tensioner on my 1998 C230 Mercedes Has Broken Twice in a Year

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Hi Austin, I have a 1998 C230 Merceades. I had a serpitine belt replaced and a belt tensioner replaced on 9/30/04. I am a flight attandent and my car sits at an airport 4 days out f the week. I just had it in the shop for ball joints, a suspension spring that rusted out and they another belt tensioner! I did not catch this untill after work was done and paid for.

I am angry that I would be taken advantage of since I am single and female. Could the belt tensioner go bad this quick? Its only been 16 months and less than 10,000 miles. I found the past receipt and found out it is indeed the same part number listed on both receipts. How should I approach this?


Come down out of the clouds Janet

I would call the shop and tell them you were charged for the belt tensioner and had it replaced there not to long ago. They SHOULD be able to defect the part, but they might charge you for the labor??? It is not uncommon for the service write to get lazy and not look through the service history.

I any case, they probably did not do this to take advantage of you…I would say it was laziness or oversight on their end. Call them up, be nice and state the facts. If they give you any slack, I would mention that their competition has a 1 year or 12,000 mile warranty on all parts and would hate to start taking your vehicle there..hint hint hint

Let me know how you come out, or if you need me to beat them up!! hahahah

Austin C. Davis

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