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1997 Pontiac Sunfire Gasoline Smell Sometimes?

Reader Question Hi
I have a 97 Sunfire which the timing chain broke and had to be replaced. Did damage the head & valves, Car has been fixed, but lately there is a gas smell sometimes when you start the car or driving do you have any ideas what it my be?


Hello there Joe
My first thought would be the ignition timing is probably not set correctly…and the engine is running rich, or is not burning all the fuel that the injectors are feeding the engine.

I would check the on board computer codes to see what the computer says the ignition timing is, then manually test ignition timing if I did not see anything else out of the ordinary like a raw fuel leak, another sensor code stored in computer memory etc. etc.

Since you said there was valve damage…and the timing chain was just replaced, leads me to suspect installation problems.


Austin Davis

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