1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS – Cold Air Intake

Reader Question: I want to put on a cold air intake on my 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. It would seem this should be easy to get piping for and make myself, but looking at the engine, I notice one thing, which I do not understand.

Looking at the engine, the stock plastic pipe from the air box to the engine itself has a little thing sticking out of it to the left, about 8 inches down the tube from the engine’s air intake port. It seems to be attached to a different part of the engine but there is a short rubber hose covering the connection of whatever it is, so I cannot be sure quite what is going on there.

Do I need it? Is it just a mount (I can see a separate unquestionable mount a little bit farther down the piping from the mysterious thingy)? Can I just run steel tubing from the intake port across the engine and down to the front right bumper, ignoring that after I take off the stock plastic tube?



Hey Colin,

Thanks for the e-mail. However, I am not that familiar with that system to be able to tell you what to do in this situation. I would find a local repair shop, visit them on an early Thursday morning, usually the slowest day for mechanics, and ask them for advice.

Take a bag of donuts with you. Probably get all the info you need free. My guys would install it for you for a bag of HOT donuts! Ha…ha…ha…

Austin Davis

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