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No Compression 1997 Infinity Q45 Engine

Reader Question

I have a 1997 Infinity Q45 that has no compression in the engine.

I would like to explore getting the engine maintenance, rather than junking this car. I live in the Woodlands TX area of North Houston, and could bring the car to your shop, but I can’t find your location on your web site.

Hey there Daniel,

I sold my family owned auto repair shop in the Houston Heights a few years ago and now I am totally online. We had one of these cars in my shop one day after a small Houston Flood.

The engine had a compression problem on 2 cylinders. We scratched our heads for awhile and decided we did not have the expertise to work internally on this engine so we recommended the customer take the vehicle to the dealership.

The dealer changed the engine oil and removed the spark plugs and sprayed a small amount of penetrating oil into each cylinder….and the engine started and ran perfectly.

Moral to the story, these engines are complex and if you don’t know what you are doing it will bite you in the butt. We probably would have spent days removing the cylinder head and looking for broken parts had we not have been honest with ourselves and said….”take it to the dealer”.

Working externally on this engine is not that much different from any other vehicle, but for an internal problem I would at least get the dealership to give you their opinion on what is wrong. You can always pay them for the diagnosis and have another shop do the repair if you want to.

Keep me posted on what they find if you don’t mind. Your findings might help the next person.

Austin Davis

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