1997 Ford Taurus Engine Dies When Put Into Gear

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I have a problem with duratec 6cyl with the engine stalling immediately when putting into gear. I have to wait about 10min until the engine get to full warm temp before can get it going.

Computer test shows 8 error codes: p320, p0401, p1408, p1519, p1650, p1742, p1743, p1744. Once I get it running it periodically will surge while stopped at light.

I have heard a suggestion that the primary problem may be with the EGR valve or blocked passage into intake manifold. Can you give me some other or more likely places to look?

Hi Robert,

The first thing I would do is clean the throttle body and idle speed control motor and clear the computer codes and take it for a test drive. These engines are notorious for getting junk inside the idle control motor and throttle body bore.

Although there is a sticker on both items saying do not clean…it is usually standard practice to clean them first before replacing them…unless you are at the Ford dealer where their goal is to sell parts. You can just use gasoline a rag and a stiff tooth brush, or you can buy a can of intake cleaner from the auto parts store.

I would also make sure you do not have a vacuum leak under the hood somewhere, listen in the engine area for a hissing noise with the engine running and the hood up. Removing and inspecting the EGR would be on my list as well, but rule out the easy stuff first.

Here is more on the throttle body cleaning suggestion

Dirty Throttle Body


Austin Davis

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