1997 Ford Mustang – How Long Should Engine Last?

Reader Question: My 1997 Ford Mustang has 184,000 miles on it. According to the previous owner, it still has its original engine. Should I be concerned about this right now?

Also, (this has really been bugging me!) when I am driving, the car tends to surge forward. This is a major concern.

What could be causing that?

Thank you.



Hey William,

I do not know if I would be very concerned with that mileage. It is A LOT of miles, and you will have to do major repairs on the engine and transmission at some point. But when? You have probably gotten 84K more miles than the average Mustang can achieve! Keep up with those oil changes!

The surging I am afraid I would need to drive it to really be able to even guess at what could be happening. You might visit your local mechanic and take him for a test drive.

I do that ALL day long at my shop. I do not mind one bit, because I can usually sell the service when I am on a test drive.

It works out well for the customer and me.

Austin Davis

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