Ford Explorer AC Not Cold Compressor Not Coming On?

Reader Question I have a 1997 Ford Explorer with 120,500 miles. My truck sat unused for 5 days. My A/C has suddenly stopped cooling. I could not hear the compressor cycling, so my first thought was “low Freon.”

As I attempted to add Freon, the compressor began cycling again, but the system would not take very much Freon. The compressor began to cycle on and off, repeatedly. Still no cold air. What, in your opinion, could be the problem?


Hey Glenn,

You really need to have a mechanic put his a/c gauges on this and see what the pressure readings are. You could have an electrical problem like a bad low pressure switch on the drier that is not sending power to the compressor clutch.

This could be a Freon problem, a restriction in the system problem, compressor or compressor clutch problem or an electrical or control problem. I would first make sure I had power going to the compressor, and then check the pressures with my gauges.


Austin Davis

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