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1997 Chevrolet Lumina

Reader Question: We have a 1997 Chevrolet Lumina. About a week ago, when starting the vehicle, it stalled, and then took a couple tries for it to start again. The clock on the radio reset itself to 12:00. After that, it did not happen again for a couple days.

Same situation as before, today the car will not start at all. Checked all fuses, and replaced the ignition relay, still nothing. It did not die like an alternator problem – we have had that happen a few times before, and this is different.

When the key is in the off position, a minimal amount of power gets to the clock for the radio and the ding noise will happen with the door open. Once the key is in the on position or start position, there is no power getting to anything at all.

Electric is not getting to anything else. Also, to note, the radio itself only half the buttons were lighting up when the car was in working order.

Please give any advice you may have.



Howdy Alan,

This sounds like a bad battery or bad battery connection at the cable ends.

If the headlights are dim or not on at all, try charging the battery and see what happens. I would also check and clean the battery cables.

You should not easily be able to move the battery cables on the battery with your bare hands. Those small GM battery bolts are notorious for building up corrosion inside the cable and between the battery and the cable end.

Austin Davis

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