Buick LeSabre Check Engine Light On

Reader Question: Hi,

I have a 1997 Buick LeSabre. Its engine light just recently came on. It had been driving fine until one day while I was driving it started to jerk a little and stop and then jerk some more and then that’s when I saw the engine light come on.

I have had this problem before about four months ago and paid $1,500 to “get the problem fix”. I guess they did not fix it.

I need your help to save myself some time and money.



Hey Tosha,

I am assuming you are referring to the YELLOW check engine light, or service engine soon light. Is it correct? If that is so, I would suspect with this “jerk” you feel you might have an engine “miss” where one or more of the cylinders are misfiring.

A misfire can happen because of a bad spark plug or spark plug wire and the symptom is usually felt as a sputter or jerk as you describe.

I would suggest you have your mechanic (maybe not the same one who charged you $1,500 OR maybe this is a warranty issue and you should go back to them to have them recheck their work) read the onboard computer codes and see what the problem is.

If the code stored in your computer is a misfire type of code, I would have your mechanic inspect the spark plug wires first for damage or wear.

Austin Davis

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