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1997 Buick Century – How Do I Install or Repair Electric Window Motors?

Reader Question I drive a 1997 Buick Century with electric windows. I read you article about the dome light and hitting the passenger side door, the one with the problem. Neither the dome light dimmed when I tried the switch or hitting it worked. What should I do next? Is the rear door motor the same as the front passenger’s motor. If it is, perhaps I can switch them. Looks like quite a job! I simply do not know.




If the dome light did not dim, I would test the switch. If the window will not operate from the master switch on the driver door AND the rear door where the window is…it is probably going to be a bad motor. Chances are there are not two bad switches.

I am not for sure, but I would suspect the window motors are different. You can sometimes buy rebuilt motors from your local auto parts store instead of a brand new one.

Yes, replacing the motor is NOT easy. You can buy the part yourself and pay your mechanic to install it for you to save some money.

If the window is down, and you really just want to get it back up again you can take the door panel apart and pull the glass up then place a block of wood under it to keep it in place. Also, you should unplug the motor in the door just as a precaution.

Austin Davis

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