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1996 Toyota Corolla – Voltage Drain Alternator Problem?

Reader Question Hey man, I hope you can help…

I have a 1996 Toyota Corolla and I brought it to future shop about 5 days ago to install a remote car starter and then everything was fine…so 2 days after in the morning the car wouldn’t start…thought we left something on…boosted it drove to work…came out of work dead again??? So boosted again and drove home, left running in driveway, died after 10 minutes.

So in conclusion, I am sure that it is the alternator but I need to find out if the installation of the remote car starter could have played a part in the failing of my alternator.

Thanks in advance.


Hey Neil,

Yes, the remote start installation does sound fishy does not it since you now have a possible voltage drain problem.

I would first go back the install shop and have them do a basic electrical system test, which should include –

1. Load test the battery – Is the battery good?
2. Check for a voltage drain – Is something draining the battery power?
3. Check the alternator output – is the alternator recharging the battery?
4. Check battery cables and connections – is everything hooked up tight and allowing electricity from the alternator to make it to the battery

Austin Davis

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