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1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Reader Question: I have 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6-Cylinder Auto with 121,000 on it.

When I take it out of 4×4, the front hubs do not automatically unlock as it says in the manual. I was told to go in reverse to unlock them. This has been working but there are times when it takes about 5 times to unlock them.

Is not there a relay or some vacuum control that is supposed to unlock them?

Thank You.


Hey Gary,

To be honest I am not that familiar with the 4X4 systems on these. We sub out this type of repair to a specialized shop in our area.

The standard practice for most 4X4 has been to back up a few feet like you mentioned. However, there is probably some problem with your hubs or the release if you have to do this more than once.

I would contact a 4X4 shop in your area, or talk to a local repair shop about who they would recommend for this type of repair. A general repair shop will probably not have much experience with this like my shop and would just be wasting their time and your money guessing.

Austin Davis

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