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1996 Honda Civic LX

Reader Question: I have a 1996 Honda Civic LX normal run of the mill Honda motor. It burns oil about a quart every 1200 mi. Motor has 95,000 mi on it and not leaking. What would be the primary suspect?

These motors should not burn oil with that kind of mileage, am I right?



Hi Woody,

These engines should not burn oil, you are correct and with only 95,000 miles, you should have a lot of useful life yet to go.

You might have a problem with the valves, or valve stem seals leaking oil internally in the engine. Removing the cylinder head and performing a valve job could be the “fix”.

You might want to try using thicker weight engine oil, like straight 30 weight and using an over the counter engine oil additive like RESTORE to help reduce the oil consumption even more before you spend money on internal repairs.

I would also have your mechanic inspect and clean the PCV system, which is how the engine regulates internal vacuum pressure. A PCV system that is not working properly will cause the engine to build up to much internal pressure and can cause seals and gaskets to leak.

Austin Davis

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