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1996 Ford Probe GT

Reader Question: Greetings,

I recently purchased a 1996 Ford Probe GT that keeps reporting a P1195 error code. I checked it with an OBD2 scanner tool one week, cleared it, and the check engine light returned about 5 days later reporting the same code. Because the car ran great, I assumed it was a sensor going bad, so I drove it to/from work for the rest of the week.

On my way back from work one night, the check engine light cleared itself. I had an appointment that Friday to have the vehicle diagnosed, so I proceeded to take it to the dealership that day and they said there was nothing wrong with it.

Well, later the next week, the check engine light came on once again, reporting the same code (P1195). I did some research for it over then next couple of days only to have the check engine light go off once again.

My findings are pointing to the EGR Boost Sensor. Before I try replacing things that might not help my check engine light on/off problem, any suggestions as to things I should check beforehand? Hoses, valves, etc?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hi Mack,

That is not an easy question to answer…nor an easy problem to diagnose as you are finding out. I have not worked on a Probe in awhile so I am not up to date on any specific issues with this trouble code or any inherent problems with this car.

I would clear the code one more time, and see if it continues to come back on. If you get the same code, check the EGR system for leaks and make sure its working properly before you replace the sensor, which would just be a guess, but might be the only guess at this point.

If the sensor is expensive, which most things are on a Probe, you might want to call around to a few local salvage yards and see if you can find a used one. Sorry, I do not have more info to help you with. If you are mechanical, which it sounds like you are I would suggest you get a subscription to Alldata the online auto repair manual service.

Here is more about it

Auto Repair Manual

Austin Davis

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