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Chrysler LHS Check Engine Light On – Code 66 PCM?

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Hi Austin,
I have a 1996 Chrysler LHS. My check engine light came on and the code that came up was 66 meaning PCM is not receiving CCD Bus signals. I know what PCM means but cannot find anything that mentions CCD Bus signals.
Can you help?

Why hello there Julie,

I don’t see the code 66 as a PCM issue…but a TCM (transmission control module) issue or possibly a BCM – Body control module failure. I would have to do some testing to really see what is going on here, but at first glance it looks more like a transmission module communication – or lack of communication problem. You might want to double check all the wire connections under the hood and under the car, especially at and around the transmission just in case something was knocked loose during an oil change or transmission service..


Austin Davis

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