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1996 Chevy Corsica – Symptoms of a Head Gasket Leak

Reader Question Recently, I took my 1996 Chevy Corsica car into Pep Boys because it began to overheat suddenly. They installed a new radiator and told me that I had a small leak in the head gasket.

They said I could drive the car for a few months at least, but gradually it would lose compression. Should I just keep checking and adding coolant? I am also seeing ads for Head Gasket Sealant.

Any thoughts?



Hi Brian,

Pep Boys mechanics are dorks! I would go somewhere else and get a cooling system pressure test, which will tell you if you do have a coolant leak or not.

You did not mention anything about white smoke out the tailpipe, coolant in the engine oil, engine misfiring or a check engine light coming on…all symptoms of a head gasket leak.

If by chance, you do have a head gasket leak, yes the over the counter head gasket sealant works GREAT. In case you did not read my article about it, here it is again

Head Gasket Sealer

I am hoping Pep Boys was just covering their rears and you do not have a head gasket issue.

Austin Davis

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