1995 Toyota Crown Super Saloon – Vibrates While Driving

Reader Question: Dear Austin,

I am from outside USA and therefore we do not have auto insurances. However, I do have a question.

I own a 1995 Toyota Crown Super Saloon (a Japanese domestic model) with 2.4 EFI Turbo diesel. Vibration appears at 70-75 mph but disappears beyond that. The vibration is in the car itself and not just the steering wheel. My car has new tires. I balanced them, and rechecked the balance so many times.

There is no play in either the joints of the front suspension or the steering wheel. The alignment is OK, though it drifts a little to the left if I let go of the steering wheel. An owner of a similar car that I talked to also had an exactly similar problem, and he mentioned that it is an inherent problem with these cars. However, I do not believe that to be true for a car of such repute.

Could you please help me find a solution?


Hey Ahsan,

I am not familiar with this vehicle, as it does not sell here in the US. Normally if you can drive out of the vibration, the problem is usually with the wheel balance, tire problem, or bent wheel type of problem.

I would try rotating the tires around, front to rear first just to rule out the possibility of a bent wheel or balance issue. If there is no change, I would have your mechanic raise the vehicle up on a lift while you drive the vehicle 70 MPH and look at the driveshaft and wheels for any vibration.

Try swapping the two front tires around left to right to see if your drift problem goes away. If the alignment is correct, you probably have a tire that is causing the pull. I would also double check your tire air pressure. I will inflate them to the proper PSI.

You might want to experiment with adding slightly more air pressure than there is now to see if that has any impact on this vibration issue.

Austin Davis

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