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1995 Nissan Frontier

Reader Question: I own a 1995 Nissan Frontier and my lights are very dim, my whippers are moving extra slow, and prior to all this I was experiencing squealing from I think my alternator belt, then all of a sudden, it stopped. This is when I started experiencing these problems. This morning my truck would not start.

What is the problem?

Hey there,

You probably DO have an alternator issue. If the alternator cannot supply the engine/battery with enough electricity, you will get the problems you describe.

Since you had a squealing noise, I would pop the hood and look at the belts, especially the alternator belt. Your battery is probably dead now since the alternator was not properly recharging the battery.

You could just have a bad battery, so make sure the mechanic checks the “battery load” as well as the alternator.

Austin Davis

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