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1995 Nissan 240SX

Reader Question: I went outside this morning to start my car 1995 Nissan 240SX. It started fine but right after I let the key go back it turned off. I tried and tried. The starter sounds fine but the engine will not stay on.

I am not too sure how to explain myself. Could it be the spark plugs that need changing?

Thank you for your help!!!

Hey there,

I am not sure I can help much without being there and running some tests. I would first start with inspecting the ignition switch and ignition lock cylinder operations, not something you can really do without some test equipment and know-how.

If you can give it some gas with your foot and the engine stays running, I would have your mechanic check and clean the throttle body and idle control motor.

A dirty throttle body can cause erratic idle and hard start complaints like you mentioned. It is a simple inspection any mechanic can do and should really be part of routine maintenance anyway.

If giving it gas with your foot does nothing. You probably will need to call a tow truck and have a mechanic diagnose this for you. Worn out spark plugs can cause slower than normal starts but usually the engine will at least start and run with worn out spark plugs, so I doubt that is the culprit.

Keep me posted if you do not mind.

Austin Davis

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