1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT Needs a New Engine – Mechanic To Blame?

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This is off my receipt (crank sensor, water pump, spark plugs, timing belt tensioner,timing belt tensioner adjust, timing belt, v/c gasket set, head gasket set, timing belt idler, ignition wires) – $600 was for labor – 7 hours of work

Here is my story. Was driving on a parkway and the oil light and engine light came on and my car stalled. Had it towed to my mechanic and he told me that oil leaked from the valve cover gasket and that it burned through the timing belt. 2 head gaskets were bent.

He charged me 2400 dollars with tax for the following: This is off my receipt (crank sensor, water pump, spark plugs, timing belt tensioner,timing belt tensioner adjust, timing belt, v/c gasket set, head gasket set, timing belt idler,ignition wires) – $600 was for labor – 7 hours of work The day I got it back from mechanic I drove 2 hours and broke down again.

The oil light came on and the oil pressure gauge dropped. I immediately got off the next exit and the car stalled at the traffic light. I then had it towed all the way back to mechanic. This was a week and half ago.

The mechanic didn’t call me so I finally called him few days ago and he told me that my oil pump went and my engine is dead. What are your opinions on this whole scenario? isn’t he liable since I just left his shop? Why do you think he hasn’t called me? Is he avoiding me.

I am planning on going down in person tomorrow when I can get a ride there but would like to get your take. Shouldn’t he have checked the oil pump when doing engine work? How is it that it breaks 2 hours after leaving his shop?


Howdy Craig,

These types of situations are super sticky! Yes, he SHOULD take responsibility for his misdiagnoses, but getting most mechanics to fess up to their mistakes is like pulling teeth.

It sounds like you had a lack of oil pressure problem all along, and your mechanic did not do the proper tests the first time. This could have been a lack of communication problem, and he either did not understand or hear you say the oil light came on as you were driving.

So, what to do now? I am not sure if you want to put more money into this vehicle or not, you did not tell me how old or how many miles are on the clock.

I think at this point, unless the mechanic is going to do most of the work…..if not perform all the labor at no charge, I would have the vehicle towed to another mechanic for a second opinion. Your mechanic fouled up the first diagnosis, chances are high for a foul up again.

Hopefully the engine is in good shape and the oil pump only needs to be replaced.

You can talk to a lawyer about this and see what your chance of getting some of your money back, but rarely does this happen. Now is a great time to find a reliable and honest mechanic that you can build a relationship with. If this would have happened at my shop (we are not totally infallible) I would refund your money and perform the engine replacement at a discount.

Austin Davis

Reader Follow Up

Thanks for the response. I had that info in there but I copied and pasted wrong. The car is a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT with 130,000 miles on it. The mechanic is saying that my oil pump went and the engine is seized so I need a new engine. He is currently looking for one. I don’t trust him.

I would like to get a refund and just get my car out of there. I just put in a new tranny last year (2400 dollars) and now I just spent 2400 dollars and the car doesn’t run. The car is only worth 5-6k.

I was quoted a reman engine would be around 4000 with labor. Not sure what I’m going to do yet. I think I could take him to small claims court but like you said how can you prove anything.

Hey there Craig

I would call a few junk yards to see if you can find a used engine, YOU buy it from them and have your mechanic install it for FREE………which he should do!!! You can sometimes buy an additional extended warranty from the junk yard.

You could probably find a motor for about 500-700 used, and pay some shade tree mechanic $500 to install it.

OR just cut your losses and sell for scrap, take the money and put it down on a new car. You spend more money on THIS car and next month the transmission craters or some other large expense……it just seems to snow ball at this stage in the game.


Austin Davis

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