1995 Geo Engine Will Not Start – Fuel Injector Not Working?

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I own a 1995 Geo 3 cylinder Fuel Injected (TBI) I have fuel, from pump to the (TBI) , but no fuel from it (Injector) to intake man.

Question, How do you check the injector, when visually there is no fuel streaming from it.? I’m afraid to unscrew (Phillips) screws securing the injector, as they are extremely tight and I may mess the Phillips screw head up.

Also, shouldn’t the Injector Relay make a clicking sound, as the fuel pump relay does.
Thus, engine doesn’t start.
Thank You;

Hey Allan,

Very seldom is there a problem with the actual injector itself. I would suspect you are not getting an “injector pulse” signal……either from the computer, a crankshaft sensor, injector relay, distributor pick up coil etc. etc. I would NOT take the injector out at this point.

I am not very familiar with the GEO off the top of my head……especially not on a 95 model, sorry.

Do you have a repair manual? Without trying to sell you one, I would suggest you try out ALLDATA online repair manuals.

They usually do a very good job on diagnosing no start issues like this and will walk you through the testing procedures. I am not real sure how much data they give on the GEO, but I would assume they would give you enough data to trace this issue down.

Here is more about it if you are interested. Sorry I can not be of more assistance.
Auto Repair Manuals

Austin Davis

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