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Ford Mustang Heater Problem

Reader Question: I have a 1995 Ford Mustang. My heater is acting crazy in my car. It works sometimes but when it does not work, my engine begins to run hot.

It seems that when I hit a bump or turn a corner while driving it seems to sometimes fix the problem for a little while. It seems like something is sticking and not allowing the water to flow through the heater core.

I have had the thermostat changed twice and it continues to do it. Is there any vacuum hoses or valves that could be causing this to happen?



Hey Debbie,

Have you read my article about heaters? Here is the link again if you missed it.

Car Heater Not Hot

Are you SURE that you have the proper amount of antifreeze inside the radiator itself not just, what you can see inside the plastic overflow bottle on the side of the car. If the radiator is low on antifreeze, the engine will run hot and there will not be enough hot antifreeze circulating inside the engine to make the heater hot.

After reading the article and testing the radiator and heater hose temperature if you still need assistance, e-mail me back.

Austin Davis

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