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1995 Ford Contour

Reader Question: My 1995 Ford Contour front end shakes whenever weight is relieved of the front end. I notice this only when coming over a hill or small bridge that causes the tires to have the least weight on them. It does it on little valleys in the road as well.

However, it is not constant, and some days its worse than others. It feels like it comes from the passenger’s side front tire. It did this for several weeks now, and I just had new tires installed 3 weeks ago and rebalanced. Did not fix the problem.



Hey Michael,

I was just about to tell you I suspect a bad tire or an out of round tire, and then I read your last line where you mentioned you just replaced the tires with no change.

I would have your mechanic raise the car up on a lift, while the vehicle is driven 35-MPH or whatever speed you notice the problem most.

There will be no weight on the vehicle so you should be able to see the problem pretty quickly. I would suspect a problem with the CV drive shaft on the side with the problem…just my guess.

I would rotate the tires front to rear just to rule out the possibility of a tire or balance problem.

Austin Davis

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